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María Forcada

Interior architecture and Building rehabilitation

Interior design's projects

The global projects of decoration are the heap of many variants that they must be interpreted of homogeneous form in order that the result should be coherent and should cover the expectations for which this one has been projected.

From our baggage and extensive experience we can affirm that every sinlge project supposes a new challenge and each one is personal and unrepeatable.

The combination of the more appropriated complements, the use of the necessary furniture, the incorporation of fabrics together with the incorporation of antiquities and works of art do the set ideal and gratifying.

María Forcada has been generating homes and personal corners, different places adapted to every client, fresh and dynamic for more than 50 years.

From the qualified group of professionals who form this company there continue developing new projects adapted to clear premises and with always spectacular solutions.

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María Forcada.

Interior design's projects.

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